I am an experienced make-up artist, with 15+ years in the industry. Professionally perfecting the desired look of my clients on recurring basis. The art of make-up/grooming is only an enhancement to the eye of the beholder. I believe the way a person presents themselves can have a meaningful impact, not only on the way they’re perceived, a boost of self confidence, but also can open the door of opportunity. It is my job and mission to make the flaws flawless, and help project both the inner and outer confidence of my clients. My passion is to guide my clients towards a consistent “on trend look” perfectly suited to their personality, lifestyle and goals, that make a statement every time and will help strengthen their image as a powerful player in their respective industry. Is a member of the Local 798 Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Union. Represented by Exclusive Artists Management and managed by Citizen Skull Management.

For Inquiries:

DARIN BARNES: darin@eamgmt.com
ALLIE GRIFF: allie@eamgmt.com

Gerard George, Manager
Citizen Skull Management
M: 631.449.8372